Buyer's Guide

Step 1: Fall in love!

Whether it be finding a certain historical period or type of object previously unknown, simply browsing to discover what you love is the first step to buying with Sloane Street Auctions.

  • Visit our upcoming auction calendar.
    • The first step before buying is browsing what auctions and types of items are upcoming. Look through our schedule of upcoming auctions as well as when viewing for auctions is open at our showroom 158-164 Fulham Road.
  • Browse an auction catalogue.
    • Looking through an upcoming auction catalogue (or even a past one) is a great way to discover the types of pieces you are interested in. For upcoming auction catalogues you can contact to request an electronic or hardcopy catalogue.
  • Attend a Pre-Auction Viewing.
    • Attending a viewing at our showroom is free of charge and all are welcome. At our showroom, you also have the opportunity to speak with a specialist inperson. Our viewing dates are typically a week before the auction date, but all details can found under ‘upcoming auctions.’
  • Sign-up to our newsletter
    • Please enter your email on our website via to receive our monthly newsletter so you never miss a sale.


Step 2: Register and Bid


There are a variety of ways to bid. You can choose to bid at Sloane Street Auctions from the following options:

  • 1) In-person:

Attend a live auction at our auction venue 158-164 Fulham Road. All live bidders must visit our showroom at 158-164 Fulham Road to collect their paddle and register. Registration is open a week before the auction date and closes at 11am on the day of the auction.

  • 2) By telephone:

You can also place bids over the telephone with one of our sales associates during an auction. To find out more about how to place phone bids, please contact client service: by email ( or phone: 020 3915 8340

  • 3) Online:

Follow along with live sales from your desktop computer via our online bidding platform to bid online while an auction is happening in realtime.

  • 4) By absentee bid:

If you are not available to participate during the time of the auction, you may place absentee bids by specifying the maximum amount that you would like to bid on a lot. To place an absentee bid, please email ( or phone: 020 3915 8340.


Lastly, if you have specific questions you can also contact Client Service by emailing ( or phone: 020 3915 8340.



 If you would like to bid online, you will need to register for the specific sale you wish to bid at, after creating an account on


  1. After you have created your account, please make sure you have confirmed your account through the confirmation email sent to your email address. Please also double check this email hasn’t gone into spam!
  2. After you have confirmed your account, please click on the following link in order to reach the page for our sale:
  3. Click the ‘Register to Bid’ button for the specific sale at which you would like to bid.
  4. Enter the login details which you chose when you created an account on our website.
  5. Follow the instructions on the page - if you have any issues, please call us. 
  6. After you have ‘registered to bid’ we will receive your application. 
  7. Once you are approved as a bidder, you will then receive your online paddle number. 

    • You may also register to bid in person by visiting our showroom at 158-166 Fulham Road.
    • PLEASE NOTE: All live bidders must visit our showroom at 158-166 Fulham Road to collect their paddle and register.

Sloane Street Auctions address for registration:

158-166 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 9PR.


Step 3: Win at auction!

If you have become the new owner of an item won at auction you will need to proceed with the steps below.


Step 4: Arrange For Payment


- If you are a successful bidder, you will receive an email confirmation and invoice from Sloane Street Auctions Post-Sale Services.

- Sloane Street Auctions accepts the following payment methods:

  • Wire transfer. Please note that transfers can take up to 48 hours to be reflected in our systems.
  • Credit or debit card (except Amex)
  • Bankers draft
  • Cash up to £5000 PA


- Please note that for all sales, payment is due by the end of the seventh calendar day after the auction.

- Once you make a payment for an item won at auction, you will receive email confirmation of that transaction.

Should you require any assistance with the payment process, our Post-Sale Services team would be more than happy to assist you. Please contact them by emailing ( or by phoning: 020 3915 8340.


Step 5: Receiving your new property after the auction

- Successful bidders may collect their item themselves in person or choose to ship it to the address of your choice.

Please note any items not collected or arranged for shipment after 14 days will incur storage charges.